Plasmolifting PRP Gel Tubes (10 per box) PRP therapy differs from plasmolifting by the concentration of platelets in 1 ml of plasma. A test tube for PRP therapy (form, membrane) allows you to carefully "concentrate" 1,000,000 platelets in 1 ml of plasma. During plasmolifting, the platelet concentration reaches no more than 300,000 per 1 ml of plasma. (Hence the difference in the cost of procedures and the time of onset of the effect). D-PRP Blood Collection Tubes, 10 PRP tubes per box, for Use in Cosmetic Dermatology (Hair Loss, Age-related skin changes), Dentistry and Orthopedics. It is also worth saying that the main task of a doctor in the process of PRP therapy is to make sure that all platelets remain intact in the plasma isolated from the patient's blood. After all, only in this case they will form the necessary growth factors immediately, being injected under the skin. In plasmolifting, test tubes with heparin are used, which blocks the association of platelets. This procedure will moisturize the skin, enrich it with electrolytes, but the effect of rejuvenation will not happen. Actually, the procedure itself consists of several stages: Consultation with a doctor regarding the patient's health status and possible contraindications. The patient gives a certain amount of blood from a vein, usually from 10 to 20 ml, which is comparable to conventional tests. The blood in the test tube is placed in a centrifuge and scrolled, dividing it into fractions (separating red blood cells and white blood cells). The selected plasma with platelets is injected into the patient's problem area. If the patient has an increased sensitivity to injections, then the preliminary use of an anesthetic is allowed. Important! Blood sampling is done in the first half of the day. Before this, you can not take food, so that the resulting material turns out to be as clean as possible.